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The £19.99 Warranty

You may think that ‘other’ remap companies offer a warranty for their product. Bad news – if you carefully read the small print many of them are nothing more than a sales gimmick and normally the warranty covers the software only (i.e. their own file).

It is impossible to offer a warranty for a remap without running a full, in-depth, mechanical and electrical survey on a vehicle first. Additionally, you cannot warranty a vehicles engine and ancillary components without it being an insurance policy that the provider has to be a regulated and registered insurer to issue.

However, we are so confident in our product and level of service that we will cover the cost of any replacement components, that have been proven to have failed as a direct result of our mapping software, to a maximum value of £2,500*. Available only on vehicles with less than 100,000 miles or less than 10 years old.

By paying the £19.99 at the end of your order, you’ll be covered by our promise in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your car post remap.

  • We will not cover loss of earnings.
  • A courtesy or hire car is not provided.
  • The warranty is limited to 12 months after the date of the remap or 10,000 miles; whichever is first.
  • Known faults or issues with certain makes and models eg. BMW B48 engine are excluded.
  • Please note - This does not replace any manufacturer's warranty.

The Ultimate Professionals

Here at Remap Kings, we pride ourselves on our customer service and professionalism. All our technicians are employed by us and all they do, all day long, is remap cars. There aren’t many people that know more than them about remapping. To give you an idea, if a garage offers a remapping service, they might do 2 or 3 a week.

So why is that important?

It’s the knowledge and the pride; being able to tell beforehand if a car is not in good enough condition to be remapped. Being able to walk away from a job and carrying all of the equipment needed to cover most of the cars on our roads today.

As well as our stellar technicians, our remaps are the most tested and developed on the market and we therefore standby our work 100%.

If anything happens to go wrong with your car in the 14 days following the remap, then we will come back and thoroughly investigate the problem. We may recommend taking the map off and refunding the customer.

If any damage has been caused then we pay for the damage to be repaired up to the value of £1500. In some cases we have even hired a car for a customer who has had a problem.

So how often does a problem occur?

We remap over 1000 cars per month and probably get a problem about every 6 weeks, some minor, some more major. We have looked after them all. You only need to look at our reviews online to see what people think.

* We will not accept liability for any work carried out by a third party in circumstances where you have not afforded us the opportunity to rectify any defect. Where you have afforded us the opportunity to rectify any defect and we have not done so within 14 days, we will only be liable for work carried out by a third party where you have obtained our written permission and provided us with a written quote in advance of having the work carried out, and we have approved the quote and the work being carried out by the third party.

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