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Remapping a Mazda MX-5.

As soon as anyone says the word Mazda...the MX-5 is the first thing that pops into your mind. The MX-5 is an iconic two-seater roadster. The first MX-5was launched in 1989 and was the spiritual successor for the great British and Italian roadsters of yesteryear.

The MX-5 design principles have gone unchanged though out the years and generations.The MX-5 as stayed a rear wheel drive, light weight convertible powered by a naturally aspirated engine mounted front-mid for better weight distribution.

BMW 330D

The MX-5 is already a great car to drive and a perfect companion for any road trip the MX-5 handles supremely giving the driver confidence on winding country roads. So, you may ask what difference can remap kings do to improve?

We have remapped a few MX-5 now and the result makes for a better driving experience. Naturally aspirated engine doesn’t see as big of gains as a turbo engine would however the MX-5 achieves an extra 8% bhp and nm of torque. Another way a 2009-15 2.0l mx-5 161bhp -175bhp and 188nm-204nm. So, an extra 14bhp.Doesn't seem a lot but the difference is certainly noticeable. A remapped MX-5 has better throttle response and the engine is much smoother no more lag out of the corners.

Without a doubt a remap will give your beloved MX-5 the edge on others and becomes a true drivers car no more hairdresser comments and sniggers.

Make you next road trip more memorable by getting Remap Kings to remap your MX-5

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