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Stages of Remap 10/03/2020

Remaps can be broken down into different stages these were created predominantly via the tuning community and businesses such like.

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Seat VW Audi Remapping28/02/2020

The similarities and differences between these 3 different cars that are almost identical underneath but completely change the way these cars drive and behave.

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Free the Freelander17/02/2020

The Freelander has always been Landrover's underdog compared to its siblings the rugged defender, sporty and luxurious range rover and all-rounder but very large and heavy discovery.

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Little Engine Turbos30/01/2020

In the last few years we've seen an increase in manufacturers dropping their larger capacity engines in favour of smaller 3-cylinder engines with turbos. Having grown up around big V8’s and turbo track cars I'll admit that at first, I was a little negative but more than a little curious. Recently we have had a large increase in the number of small engine petrol turbos that we remap; the most import lesson is again don’t think "that sewing machine isn't worth getting done"!

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Professional Remapping28/01/2020

From the moment you complete your booking we at Remap Kings are in the background starting the process. Our IMI trained technicians carry out pre-checks on your vehicles spec, so we know which is the best tool and process for your vehicle.

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Unsuspecting Remap15/01/2020

Starting from a normal booking of a Smart ForTwo 0.9L Turbo I wasn’t expecting a huge difference in performance from such a small engine and a 17bhp and 52Nm gain doesn’t sound like a lot.

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Volkswagen Transporter Remaps03/01/2020

The VW Transporter 2.0 litre TDI is a very popular vehicle and certainly the go to van for the many. The Transporters uses are endless from work vehicles for tradesman and couriers, people carriers for growing families or as a base for camper-van conversions. Little wonder it’s in the top three bestselling vans in the UK. So, its baffling to why Volkswagen would sell a van that slow and with little get up and go.

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BMW 330D M Sport Performance Remap16/12/2019

The BMW 330D built from 2012 onwards is no slouch in standard form, so what are the added benefits of remapping this already powerful German saloon? In standard form this car is pushing out a healthy 258bhp and 560nm of torque, after writing the ECU (the brain of the vehicle) with our performance map these figures change to an impressive 310bhp and a mighty 650nm of torque.

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ECU Remapping09/11/2019

Remap Kings is the leading provider of remapping services in the UK. We’ve supplied thousands of remaps, and we have the experience to know when it is worth remapping your vehicle. This means that we know ECU remapping can have many benefits: then again, it probably shouldn’t surprise you that a remapping company is telling you that. The question is, is remapping worth it for you?
Unlike some of our competitors, we at Remap Kings believe that it is vital that our customers are able to make an informed decision. That’s why we’ve put together this blog so you can work out if getting a remap is worth it for you.

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