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Remap Kings Carbon Cleaning

Mobile Engine Carbon Cleaning by the UK’s No.1 Tuning Company.

£75 when booked with a remap

Call to book: 0800 061 4326

Mobile Carbon Cleaning

At Remap Kings, we provide a streamlined mobile carbon cleaning service. Specifically designed to be performed between regular maintenance sessions, this service effectively eliminates any accumulated carbon residue within the engine, especially for those who frequently undertake short journeys.

Mobile Carbon Cleaning
Mobile Carbon Cleaning
Mobile Carbon Cleaning
Mobile Carbon Cleaning
Professional Carbon Cleaning

Why Use Superchips for carbon cleaning?

Curious about the benefits of opting for our carbon cleaning services? We take pride in providing reliable and effective carbon removal solutions that may spare you the expense of a replacement. Our highly skilled technicians at Superchips, boasting expertise in vehicle mechanics, are readily available to conduct diagnostics on your vehicle.

With years of specialized industry experience, our team has garnered high ratings and positive reviews from past customers, attesting to the quality of our work. Superchips brings engine carbon cleaning and removal services directly to your doorstep, as we operate as a mobile service. This enables us to efficiently eliminate carbon residue while you're at home, at work, or on the roadside.

Our technicians come fully equipped with the necessary tools to swiftly and affordably complete the job. Regardless of where we perform our carbon cleaning services, we ensure that your vehicle will be back on the road within a couple of hours, offering a seamless experience from start to finish.

Benefits of Carbon Cleaning your engine

Throughout an engine's lifespan, carbon accumulation can occur in both petrol and diesel fuels, particularly when using lower purity fuel sources. This accumulation can result in various adverse effects over time.

Engaging in carbon cleaning for your vehicle proves to be an effective approach to address these issues and serves as an efficient preventive measure. Following our mobile carbon cleaning service, you can expect to experience the following benefits:

Increase Engine Performance

Increase Engine Performance

Reduces Emmissions

Reduces Emmissions

Avoid replacement expenses

Avoid replacement expenses

Improved fuel economy

Improved fuel economy

Carbon Cleaning for both Petrol & Diesel vehicles

from £75.00 with a remap

  • On-site Mobile Service
  • Basic Hydrogen Carbon Clean
  • Trained Technicians

Call to book: 0800 061 4326

More power

Carbon Cleaning Services

Our on-the-go Carbon Cleaning service is designed to reach you wherever you are — be it at home, work, or on the roadside.

Employing a comprehensive multi-stage process, our Hydrogen carbon cleaning proves advantageous for all engine types. Our mobile cleaning units are ready to visit your location, providing the convenience of having your engine cleaned at your doorstep.

Experience a noticeable difference right after a carbon clean today!

For all major makes of vehicle including...

Audi Carbon Cleaning
BMW Carbon Cleaning
Ford Carbon Cleaning
Jaguar Carbon Cleaning
Land Rover Carbon Cleaning
Mercedes Carbon Cleaning
Mini Carbon Cleaning
Peugeot Carbon Cleaning
Skoda Carbon Cleaning
Toyota Carbon Cleaning
Vauxhall Carbon Cleaning
Volvo Carbon Cleaning

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