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Remap Motorhomes

Remapping isn’t just for cars – we can remap your motorhome too! While it’s not a vehicle you traditionally associate with vehicle modification, let alone remapping, giving your home away from home a remap will give it a whole new lease of life.

In under an hour, our IMI-certified engineers can alter the settings on the vehicle engine control unit (ECU) – the brain of your motorhome - and leave it feeling like an entirely new machine.

This is necessary because the default setup (or ‘map’) on the ECU is not necessarily as refined as it could be. The vehicle often has to be sold across multiple countries and regions, all with different emissions standards, laws, climates and fuel quality. On top of this, manufacturers are known to intentionally limit performance through the ECU in order to be able to release new faster models later on, with no physical difference.

With one of our remaps, your motorhome will finally be able to use the speed and power it was designed to have. A simple remap can increase your fuel efficiency by as much as 15%, as well as giving you the torque to help make normally taxing hills feel like a breeze. With no drawbacks, and a whole host of benefits, it’s time to give your home away from home the love it deserves.

Fiat Ducato Motor home

2017 Fiat Ducato Motor home, Performance Remap for the extra Torque. 150bhp>180bhp 350nmtq>420nmtq... no more slow hills for these mohos!

2012 Peugeot Boxer Motor home

Look at this! A 2012 Peugeot Boxer Motor home. Performance Remap 110bhp>140bhp 250nmtq>310nmtq. Happy campers!

Ford KUGA 2.0tdci

This customer wanted more torque for pulling his caravan... we got his Ford KUGA 2.0tdci from 320nmtq to 410nmtq and his bhp went from 140bhp to 185bhp

Other Services: OBD Firewalls, Start/Stop Disable, AdBlue Removal and more!


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Please be advised that in the unlikely event that our remap is "detected", this may invalidate your manufacturers warranty.

Please remember that every vehicle is unique and manufacturers will sometimes put different ECUs into the same car and many vehicles have unusual configurations or modifications which are only apparent when reading the ECU. As such, we recommend that you discuss the potential gains and tuning options available directly with our engineer. Remap Kings tuning database is constantly being refined, amended, updated and expanded. Remap Kings is confident that its data is amongst the most comprehensive ECU tuning and remapping data currently available anywhere in the world.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the data in above table is up-to-date and accurate, it should only be used as a guide. It is possible that the economy and performance gains available are in excess of those stated above, conversely actual gains may be less than the current data suggests.

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