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Remapping SEAT, VW and Audi cars.

In this article, we look at the similarities and disparities between these three different cars. They are almost identical underneath but the three cars drive and behave quite differently to each other.

SEAT Leon Remapping

Let’s start with the Seat Leon Cupra, having owned one I have experienced first-hand what these cars are like to drive and live with on a daily basis. In my opinion, this car is massively underrated compared to the VW Golf R and Audi S3. The biggest difference is the lack of 4 wheel drive which hinders the Seat Leon Cupra under hard acceleration on a standing start, and for the most part stays standing spinning the front wheels! Once rolling however, it will accelerate quicker and pull past the other two, due to less drivetrain losses with it being front wheel drive.

Where the Seat Leon Cupra beats the other two cars is in the drive and the handling. The car is much more lively and likes to step the rear when driving hard. Unlike the VW Golf and the Audi S3 you don’t get the understeer that comes from having the 4 wheel drive system, and the differential in the Seat Leon Cupra removes any chance of understeer and makes sure the front axle is going exactly where you want it. Another benefit of being front wheel drive is the amount of oversteer you get under hard cornering and lifting off into a corner, this makes the drive a lot more engaging and exciting, after all, who doesn’t like oversteer in a hot hatch anyway?!

Obviously working for a company that remaps cars it was inevitable at some point that the Seat Leon Cupra would be getting remapped, and what a difference it makes! These cars are pretty potent straight from the factory, but the remap really makes the engine come alive.

From the factory figures of 300bhp and 380Nm torque up to 350bhp and 460Nmafter a remap, there is a massive difference in both power driveability. The extra power makes this car savage - there is no other way to explain it, that’s why if you own a DSG version of one of these cars, you need to get it remapped to really unlock its full potential.

VW Remapping
Audi Remapping

The manual variants of these vehicles are known to have very weak clutches and can fail with very low mileage on standard power cars. Due to this fact, we advise having the clutch uprated before considering putting any extra power through the vehicle.

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